Hyra stuga/semesterhus - Mustajärvi

Mustajärvi kan syfta på ett antal insjöar i Sverige:

  • Iso Mustajärvi, sjö i Pajala kommun, 67°00′56″N 22°57′05″E / 67.0155°N 22.9515°Ö / 67.0155; 22.9515 (Iso Mustajärvi) (30 ha)
  • Mustajärvi (Junosuando socken, Norrbotten), sjö i Pajala kommun, 67°38′05″N 22°37′52″E / 67.6346°N 22.6312°Ö / 67.6346; 22.6312 (Mustajärvi (Junosuando socken, Norrbotten))
  • Mustajärvi (Korpilombolo socken, Norrbotten), sjö i Pajala kommun, 66°43′54″N 23°14′49″E / 66.7317°N 23.2469°Ö / 66.7317; 23.2469 (Mustajärvi (Korpilombolo socken, Norrbotten))
  • Mustajärvi (Pajala socken, Norrbotten), sjö i Pajala kommun, 67°49′19″N 23°15′06″E / 67.822°N 23.2516°Ö / 67.822; 23.2516 (Mustajärvi (Pajala socken, Norrbotten))
  • Mustajärvi (Övertorneå socken, Norrbotten), sjö i Övertorneå kommun, 66°36′08″N 23°09′18″E / 66.6021°N 23.1551°Ö / 66.6021; 23.1551 (Mustajärvi (Övertorneå socken, Norrbotten)) (22 ha)
  • Pikku Mustajärvi, sjö i Pajala kommun, 67°00′24″N 22°54′58″E / 67.0067°N 22.916°Ö / 67.0067; 22.916 (Pikku Mustajärvi) (5 ha)
  • Mustajärvi (Gällivare socken, Lappland, 741697-170785), sjö i Gällivare kommun, 66°46′45″N 20°31′51″E / 66.7791°N 20.5307°Ö / 66.7791; 20.5307 (Mustajärvi (Gällivare socken, Lappland, 741697-170785))
  • Mustajärvi (Gällivare socken, Lappland, 744585-172980), sjö i Gällivare kommun, 67°01′17″N 21°04′58″E / 67.0213°N 21.0828°Ö / 67.0213; 21.0828 (Mustajärvi (Gällivare socken, Lappland, 744585-172980))
  • Mustajärvi (Gällivare socken, Lappland, 746388-173562), sjö i Gällivare kommun, 67°10′34″N 21°15′01″E / 67.176°N 21.2504°Ö / 67.176; 21.2504 (Mustajärvi (Gällivare socken, Lappland, 746388-173562)) (7 ha)
  • Mustajärvi (Karesuando socken, Lappland, 756516-180055), sjö i Kiruna kommun, 68°01′19″N 23°00′31″E / 68.0219°N 23.0086°Ö / 68.0219; 23.0086 (Mustajärvi (Karesuando socken, Lappland, 756516-180055)) (9 ha)
  • Mustajärvi (Karesuando socken, Lappland, 759743-178277), sjö i Kiruna kommun, 68°19′25″N 22°40′07″E / 68.3237°N 22.6686°Ö / 68.3237; 22.6686 (Mustajärvi (Karesuando socken, Lappland, 759743-178277)) (7 ha)
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Orter och platser i närheten:

Intressepunkter i närheten:


Stuga - Semesterhus i Koivu, Finland med bastu (FI3670.613.1)

22 km to the northeast from Iisalmi, river Matkusjoki 40 m, shallow, rocky grassy beach, no pier. Public sandy beach nearby with good possibility to swim. Log panel faced cabin 2012, living room/kitchen, a living room with heat reserving fireplace, bedroom 1 double bed, bedroom 2 two beds, WC with shower. Sauna, washroom and a separate dressing room with own entrance. On the large terrace, there is a wood heated hot tub included in the price in case when customer carries out heating by itself (heating of hot tub takes three hours). Heating of hot tub and sauna can be ordered from the owner for extra fee / pre-order before arrival in the cabin. Payment of heating should be paid in cash straight to the owner. The cabin is located on Matkusjoki shore near bridge of Aittokoski. The cabin is located near camping and training center Hombu. The plot is a gently sloping and the yard is gravel-coated, from the terrace there is grassy slope to the shore. Campfire next to the cabin. Interior decor of cabin is modern. There is a video projector in the cabin. The spacious sauna has been built with the idea of traditional sauna. Access to the sauna from terrace. There is no own pier in cabin. Public, municipality owned beach next to the plot. On the public beach, there are good swimming beach and pier. There are three canoes available. Different sizes of life jackets available. There are good kayaking routes and fishing opportunities with a state fishing license on the area. Distances: Iisalmi 25 km, Kajaani 75 km, Kuopio 105 km, Tahko 71 km. Places to visit: Ironworks of Jyrkkä 32 km Hiking trail, Volokinpolku

Stuga - Semesterhus i Koivuniemi, Finland med bastu (FI3670.603.1)

25 km north of Iisalmi. Lake Pyöree-järvi 25 m (length 2 km, breadth 1 km), shallow water, firm sanded rock bottom. Own boat. Log cabin 1997, living room/kitchen with convertibe sofa, bedroom with 1 bed and a bunk bed, bedroom with double bed, washroom, dressing room, sauna, 2 x open verandas. Air source heat pump ( heating and cooling). Meals delivered by order. Possibility for guided rabbit shooting. The railway runs 200 m behind the cottage.

Stuga - Semesterhus i Rantapelto, Finland med bastu (FI3600.696.1)

80 km north-east of Kuopio, L.Syväri 700 m, (length 35 km, width 10 km), shallow, hard moraine/sand bottom, own boat. Brick-clad wooden house 1975, renovated 2006, living room/kitchen 2 sleeping places, bedroom double bed, bedroom 2 beds, hall, washroom, sauna (electric), dressing room and vestibule. Lakeshore sauna in use during summer only 700 m away, water for sauna by hand pump from well, dressing room, large living room, sleeping loft, glazed porch and open porch. Yard has outside toilet and fuelwood store. Originally a normal detached house now used as holiday home, peaceful yard area surrounded by fields. On opposite shore Tahko ski resort slopes, by “ICE ROAD” OVER LAKE IN WINTER 8 km. By road to Tahko resort services 40 km. Village shop 6 km, Lastukoski 14 km; Pisavuori nature reserve, observation tower, nature trail and old Täyssinnä border stone 15 km.

Stuga - Semesterhus i Käenpesä, Finland med bastu (FI3500.609.1)

15 km to the northeast from Iisalmi, lake Iso-Lappi 80 m (length 2.5 km, width 350 m). Planed log cabin (2006) living room/kitchen, bedroom with double bed, loft with three mattresses, living room, washroom/WC. Air source heat pump in the cabin. Outbuilding and sauna with wood-heated sauna stove in the yard. Sauna does not have shower. During winter sauna door must be closed at all times so that pipes won't get frozen. Shallow sand beach 80 m, for summer use only; separate lakeside sauna (wood-fired sauna stove), pier, rowing boat, campfire site, lean-to and an observation tower made from log wood. Pet fee 15 €/pet/stay. If you have a pet with you, please choose the additional service "pet fee". Select as many pet fees, as many pets you have with you - Thank you. The cabin is located on a peaceful, wide and grassy plot. Possibility to play disc golf in the yard area of Luonto-Savo tourist company if there is no other events in the area. There is also a small traditional museum in the yard. To get access to the museum, please ask it from the owner. The owner has four cabins in the area: 14152, 14153, 14154, 14155. Nature trail of Soidinvuori, dist. 1.4 km. The starting point of the route is on the road Palosenlammintie. The hiking trail is about 7 km long and the terrain varies. The views are beautiful. There are several campfire sites and resting places along the route. Cottage is located in the vicinity of an 8 hectares wide built wetland. There is a bird observation tower, platform and photo-shooting and viewing place built in the barn on the wetland. Distance to the wetland is about 500 m from Oriaho and Riihipirtti. There have been seen over 100 bird species in the wetland. You can take part in a variety of bird observation activities with us, such as the Battle of the towers and the calculation of winter birds. Additional services like snowshoe rental, guided tours, possibility to use the smoke sauna for an extra agreement and extra price. Runni spa 32 km. Iisalmi 15 km Helsinki 486 km

Stuga - Semesterhus i Liisakallela, Finland med bastu (FI3670.601.1)

24 km north-east of Iisalmi, River Matkusjoki 30 m, hard, rather deep, rock-bottomed shore, own boat. Laminated log chalet 2009, living room/kitchen convertible sofa, bedroom 1 bed (width 160 cm), washroom, sauna (electric stove), terrace. Upstairs: bedroom 1 bed (width 120 cm) + 2 mattresses, lounge and balcony. Downstairs: underfloor heating. River bank sauna. Chalet located on a slope on eastern bank of River Matkusjoki. Separate lakeshore sauna, roofed grill, permanent barbecue grill/fish smoking facility, gas grill, woodshed, outside toilet. Price includes 2 bicycles and one open-style canoe. Remember to mention when you reserve. Iisalmi 24 km, Sonkajärvi 6 km, Tahko ski resort 70 km, Runni Spa 37 km, Tiilikkajärvi national park 40 km, Vuokatti 90 km. Fishing and canoeing opportunities on River Matkusjoki. On Lake Sonkajärvi annual world championship Wife Carrying Competition.

Stuga - Semesterhus i Villiruusu, Finland med bastu (FI3670.602.1)

25 km north of Iisalmi. Lake Pyöree-järvi 25 m (length 2 km, breadth 1 km), shallow water, firm sanded rock bottom. Own boat. Log cabin 1998, living room/ kitchen with convertible sofa, bedroom with 1 bed and a bunk bed, bedroom with double bed, washroom, dressing room, spacious sauna for 8 persons, 2 x open verandas. Air source heat pump ( heating and cooling). Meals delivered by order. Possibility for guided rabbit shooting. The railway runs 200 m behind the cottage.

Stuga - Semesterhus i Kelo-kolo, Finland med bastu (FI3500.607.1)

8 km to the south of Iisalmi, Porovesi (length 11.5 km, width 2.5 km) 10 m, gently sloping, hard sandy beach, boat. From the end of the pier it is about 50 m to the cottage. Silver log cottage built in 1976, kitchen, spacious living room, three extra beds in wide wall seats, a small bedroom with a bunk bed, a small bedroom with a double bed, shower room with two showers, dressing room, sauna (electric stove), a covered terrace. Log cottage situated on a flat plot with a lawn on a peninsula, surrounded by birch and spruce forest. The yard has a roofed barbecue hut with a terrace and a gas grill. The courtyard also includes wood shed and garbage shed. The shore has a long jetty and from the pier, even for big boats. Boat journey to the town beach 2.5 km, by road 8 km. Spa Runni 30 km, 68 km Tahko, Kuopio Airport 70 km, Iisalmen services and recreational opportunities nearby, among others. golf, horse riding, ski resort. In summer, a huge variety of events.

Stuga - Semesterhus i Suviranta, Finland med bastu (FI3570.622.1)

74 km north of Kuopio, lake Suur-Juminen 25 m, hard, gently deepening, sanded silt beach, pier, boat (situated on the left side of pier). Log villa built in 1990, renovated in 2016 - 2017, kitchen-living room, hallway, bedroom with double bed, shower room, sauna (wood stove), upstairs loft with 3 beds, sofa bed, spacious balcony. Air source heat pump, with cooling and heating functions. Electric grill on the terrace. The villa is located on a hill, the lake opens up to the west, on the shore is a spacious pier. Fire place on the beach. Fishing possibility in the lake, berry and mushroom countries nearby during that season. In Korpijärvi (10 km away) summer shop, an observation tower, ski field. Tahko skiing center 40 km, In Siilinjärvi Spa Fontanella, Tarina Golf, Kasurila hill 54 km, Varpaisjärvi 16 km, Lapinlahti 38 km, Iisalmi 50 km, Kuopio Airport 65 km.

Stuga - Semesterhus i Syvälahti, Finland med bastu (FI3670.604.1)

36 km East of Iisalmi - city, Oinasjärvi -lake 25 m (length 0.7 km, width 1.5 km). Hard, sandy bottom. Own boat. Log cottage, built 2011, combined kitchen/ living room, bedroom: double bed, bedroom2: 2 beds, loft: double bed + 2 beds, washroom, sauna, terrace. Cottage on the rocky yard with pines and birch trees. Mechanical ventilation, the heat recovery and underfloor heating. Catering service available. Lot of fish in clear water lake (for example pike perch). In winter time ski trails near the cottage. Lighted ski trail 16 km. National park Tiilikka 10 km, Tahko ski center services 60 km, golf course Ylä-Savon golf 38 km, Iisalmi -city 36 km, Kuopio -city 90 km, airport Kuopio 83 km.

Stuga - Semesterhus i Villa savonia, Finland med bastu (FI3650.603.1)

90 km northeast of Kuopio, Lake Keyritty 100 m (width approx. 2 km, length approx. 16 km), hard, partly gently sloping sandy beach (on the boat side of the shore deepens quickly). Own boat, no life jackets. The beach is in shared use and is maintained by the municipality. The shoreline is approx. 100 m long. Log chalet 2014, downstairs modern living room-kitchen, bedroom with bunk bed, shower room / utility room, modern sauna (electric stove), small terrace. Upstairs double bed and sofa. The villa has air conditioning. The villa is situated at the foot of a small mountain Kipari, in the middle of rugged nature in gentle slope. On the mountain there is an observation tower and hut by a hiking trail. Snowmobile route to Tahko starts 0,5 km away. Tahko and its services 50 km, Tiilikkajärvi National Park 25 km, Nilsiä 38 km, Siilinjärvi 66 km, Nurmes 62 km, Iisalmi 84 km. The cottage is for nature-lovers and families.