Hyra stuga/semesterhus - Lumijoki


Lumijoki är en kommun i landskapet Norra Österbotten i Finland. Lumijoki har cirka &&&&&&&&&&&02086.&&&&&02 086 invånare och har en yta på &&&&&&&&&&&&0290.290000290,29 km².

Lumijoki är enspråkigt finskt.

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Större orter och regioner i närheten:


Stuga - Semesterhus i Ryytilänranta, Finland med bastu (FI5860.602.1)

Ryytilänranta is a three-story, well-equipped log panel villa, built in 2012. It is located 66 km southwest of Oulu and only about 20 meters from the bold Siikajoki River. The shore of the Siikajoki is rocky and depends on the height of the water, if you can swim in the river. The flow can be hard. The seafront is 10-15 km away with stunning, shallow sandy beaches. The downstairs bedroom has 2 beds (the second bed is motorized 120 cm wide), living room with fireplace and TV, sauna (electric stove), washroom and toilet. The middle floor has a well-equipped kitchen and a combined dining and living area. The small bedroom has a double bed. There is also a toilet and shower on the floor. From the balcony you can admire the flow of the Siikajoki river. There is a glazed terrace on the second wall of the house. The third floor loft has a double bed and two single beds, two mattresses and a cot. The villa has internet connection with fiber optic cable. In the courtyard of the villa there is a barbecue hut, the use of which is included in the rent. From spring to autumn, a smoke sauna (10 m) and a wood-heated hot tube can be booked, which are heated by the owner at an additional cost. Smoke sauna and hot tube are not in winter use. The maximum number of people in the cottage is 8 (adults and children). If more than 8 people are coming, please agree with the owner separately (additional charge 20 € / person / night). High villa near the river estuary of Siikajoki-river (about 3 km). The river is rich in fish and river delta area is bird-rich, Ukkolankoski rapid 200 m. Merikylänlahti bay in 4,5 km is good place for ice fishing big perch (You might catch also whitefish, pike and burbot). The magnificent sandy beaches of Tauvo and Varesäikkä are located by the sea 10-15 km from Ryytilänranta. Both beaches are shallow and suitable also for families with small children. Raahentienoon Golf 2 km. Basic groceries can be bought at the village shop, 2,5 km away. A better selection of shops can be found from Raahe 25 km. Oulu 66 km. Owner's farm 150 m away. However, cows may graze 10-15 meters away behind the fence.

Stuga - Semesterhus i Peuhu a4, Finland med bastu (FI5710.603.1)

This cozy cabin is situated in a maritime environment right near the services of the Oulu area. In the charming courtyard of Peuhu 4, there are plenty of flowers, an open terrace, and two comfortable patios where you can enjoy your morning coffee or barbecue delicious meals with family or friends. Peuhu Manor, available for various events, is located just a short walk away. If you're a disc golf fan, you'll be delighted with Peuhu DiscGolfPark, located on the manor grounds, offering challenging disc golf courses. You don't have to worry about bed linen, as it is included in the rental price for the specified number of persons in the reservation. The double bed in the bedroom is premade. Wooden villa, built in 2014. 20 km to the south from Oulu city center, the Gulf of Bothnia (Lumijoki Bay) is 300 m away, no private beach, public swimming beach 400 m away. Located near Peuhu Manor in an area with a few holiday homes. The ground floor has a living room/kitchen, a bedroom with a double bed, a sauna, and a shower room/WC. The loft has a sofa bed for up to three people. Please note that the stairs leading to the loft are steep. From the living room and kitchen, there is access to a spacious (18 m²) glazed terrace. Other area's holiday cabins nearby. However, this cabin is located at the far end towards the beach, with no other houses between the cabin and the beach. Equipped with an air source heat pump, which can also be used for cooling in the summer. Small boat harbor in Vihiluoto 10 km away. In Vihiluoto, there is also a swimming beach, nature trail, and birdwatching tower. Airport 7 km, services of Oulu city center 20 km, Hailuoto ferry 20 km.

Stuga - Semesterhus i Säikkäranta, Finland med bastu (FI5710.601.1)

13 km south-west of Oulu, Bothnian Bay/Kempeleenlahti area 50 m, shallow shore, hard sand bottom, no boat. Log chalet, log house built in 1890 and moved to present location in 2009, equipped with modern conveniences, large living room, kitchen, bedroom double bed (width 180 cm), bedroom bunk with three levels (width 120 cm), 2 movable extra beds (mattresses) for children, sauna (electric stove), washroom, separate WC, glazed veranda. Chalet has geothermal heating and wireless 4G internet (Wifi) connection. Extra equipment includes wood-fired range-type stove, and piano. Fireplace is ‘open’ on two sides. Rented only for families or adult couples, not for youth groups. Spacious, comfortable log house with all conveniences. Many windows on the sea side. Sandy beach and shallow water ideal for children. In late winter a ski trail across the ice, distance 50 m; illuminated ski trails (length 5 km) located at Kisakangas 5 km and Sarkkiranta 6 km. Close to city of Oulu services (13 km). Nallikari 13 km, Sankivaara golf course 15 km, Hailuoto island 40 km.

Stuga - Semesterhus i Huvikumpu, Finland med bastu (FI5530.635.1)

Cozy furnished house in its own peace in the middle of the forest near the sea. An excellent base for a holiday in the diverse nature and national landscape of Hailuoto island. 30 km to the west from Oulu, on Hailuoto island, 280 m distance to the sea, no own beach, sea beach and yard area are in natural state, shallow sand bottom, no boat. Low-traffic cabin road between the house and the beach. Wooden house, built in 2008. Living room / kitchen with sofa bed, bedroom with 120 cm wide bed, second bedroom with 1 bed and third bedroom (children's room) with 1 bed, sauna and washroom/WC. Capacity of the water boiler is only about 50 liters. Please limit the usage of the hot water so that it is enough for everyone. Hailuoto island is the largest island in the Gulf of Bothnia, with an area of 200 square kilometers. It is located in front of Oulu, about 7 km from the mainland. During the summer, there is a ferry connection to Hailuoto operating every 30 minutes, usage of the ferry connection is free of charge. The ferry ride takes about half an hour. During the winter, the ferry operates less frequently. Significant part of the island is covered by the nature conservation area (Natura 2000). The key protection values are the diversity of bird species and habitats, valuable cultural landscapes, endangered and EU directive protected plant species, diverse landforms, bird watching and other recreational uses, hunting and fishing (www.luontoon.fi). Pizzeeria grill-café Farestiina at ferryport, distance 2,5 km, municipality center 18 km (shops, restaurants and fuel sales). Marjaniemi 26 km (e.g. lighthouse, hotel, restaurants, fishing port).

Stuga - Semesterhus i Villa virppa, Finland med bastu (FI5540.617.1)

Haluatko kokea loman merellisessä Virpiniemessä? Tämä tilava ja viihtyisä mökki tarjoaa täydellisen pakopaikan arjen kiireistä niin kesällä kuin talvella vain lyhyen kävelymatkan päässä meren rannalta. Voit nauttia meren tuulahduksista ja aaltojen äänestä suoraan omalta terassiltasi. Kesällä tämä on golfaajan unelma nimittäin lähin rata on 200m päässä. Talvella taas hiihtäjät pääsevät ladulle melkein suoraan ovelta ja pilkkijällä kala apajat ovet otolliset nimittäin meri on aivan vieressä. Mökin valoisa ja tilava tupakeittiö on varustettu kaikilla mukavuuksilla. Olohuoneessa on runsaasti tilaa rentoutumiseen ja yhdessäoloon, ja tunnelmallinen takka luo lämpöä ja tunnelmaa viileämpinä iltoina. Alakerrassa sijaitsevassa tilavassa makuuhuoneessa on mukava parisänky, joka takaa levolliset yöunet. Parvella olevat kaksi erillistä sänkyä tarjoavat lisätilaa vieraille ja lapsille, Mökissä on myös tilava pesuhuone ja sen lisäksi. Voit rentoutua saunassa ja nauttia perinteisestä suomalaisesta saunakokemuksesta loman päätteeksi. Meren rantaa matkaa noin 150m Rokuan kansallispuisto 100km, Syötteen kansallispuisto 140km 2 kpl sup lautoja ja pelastusliivit vuokrattavissa kesällä omistajalta hintaan 50€/viikko

Stuga - Semesterhus i Kaisala, Finland med bastu (FI5530.636.1)

Small house in a village setting in beautiful Hailuoto. Not located right by the beach. Pöllä beach is 5 km away. Hailuoto town center services are only 2 km away. Marjaniemi sandy beaches, fishing harbor, and restaurants are 8 km away. Kaisala is a convenient holiday home in the diverse national landscape of Hailuoto. The house has a living room/kitchen, one bedroom with 2 beds and other bedroom with 1 bed. In the living area, there are two spreadable sofas, with widths of 160 cm and 110 cm when opened. Sauna and shower room/WC. No TV. A small terrace at the back of the house and a campfire site. Pets are allowed, but only in the entrance area of the house. There is a pet gate between the entrance and the living area. Bringing pets into the living area is prohibited. Illuminated jogging track and ski trail, as well as Frisbee golf, are 800 m away. Hailuoto is the largest island in the Bothnian Bay, with an area of 200 km2. It is located about 7 km off the coast from Oulu. During the summer, there are free ferries to Hailuoto every half hour. The ferry journey takes about half an hour. During the winter, the ferry operates less frequently. A significant part of the island belongs to the Natura 2000 program. Key values include the diversity of bird species and habitats, valuable traditional landscapes, endangered and protected plant species under the Habitats Directive, diverse landforms, birdwatching, and other recreational activities, hunting, and fishing (www.luontoon.fi).

Stuga - Semesterhus i Golfstar 402, Finland med bastu (FI5540.615.1)

Well-equipped holiday apartment in Virpiniemi near the facilities like golf course, ski trails and other diverse recreational opportunities. 1 km distance to the swimming beach by the sea. 20 km to the north from Oulu city center, apartment in a small apartment building, built in 2013. Living room/kitchen with sofa bed, bedroom with 2 beds, sauna, washroom/WC, lobby and glazed terrace. Parking space with the wall outlet for the car. Golf greens are within 100 meter distance. Golf club 150 m. Game tickets available from the owner at budget price! Virpihovi and indoor sports facilities as well as tennis courts 200 km. There is also an illuminated ski trail, riding stable, racetrack, greyhound track, disc golf course and paddle outdoor courts in Virpiniemi area. Spa Eden Oulu 20 km. Haukipudas 10 km.

Stuga - Semesterhus i Siika, Finland med bastu (FI5530.638.1)

Lomahuvila Siika on tyylikäs ja modernisti varusteltu lomapaikka, joka sijaitsee kauniilla hiekkarannalla Hailuodossa. Se sijaitsee Pöllänlahden poukamassa, ja ympärillä on muutamia muita mökkejä, mutta tarjoaa kuitenkin rauhallisen ja yksityisen ympäristön rentoutumiseen. Kohde on ihanteellinen valinta niin kesä- kuin talvikäyttöön. Huvila on suunniteltu niin, että se tarjoaa mukavuutta kaikille vierailijoille, mukaan lukien pyörätuolia käyttäville. Ulko-oven luona on pyörätuoliluiska, joka mahdollistaa esteettömän pääsyn huvilaan. Sisätilat ovat tilavat ja valoisat. Olohuoneessa on suuret ikkunat, jotka tarjoavat upeat näkymät rannalle ja merelle. Ranta on vain lyhyen kävelymatkan päässä, joten voit helposti uida, ottaa aurinkoa ja nauttia rannan hiekkaisista maisemista. Huvilassa on avokeittiö, jossa vuodesohva. Makuuhuoneessa on parisänky, toisessa makuuhuoneessa on kaksi erillistä sänkyä. Parvella on vuodesohva. Pyydämme huomioimaan, että parvelle johtavat portaat ovat hyvin jyrkät. Sauna ja pesuhuone/wc. Rannan puolella on katettu terassi. Siika-mökin sijainti Hailuodon kauniissa kansallismaisemassa tarjoaa mahdollisuuksia moniin ulkoilma-aktiviteetteihin, kuten patikointiin, pyöräilyyn ja kalastukseen. Hailuoto tunnetaan myös upeista lintuhavainnoistaan, ja se houkuttelee luonnonystäviä ympäri maailmaa. Huomattava osa saaresta kuuluu Natura 2000 -ohjelmaan. Keskeisiä arvoja ovat linnuston ja luontotyyppien monimuotoisuus, arvokkaat perinnemaisemat, uhanalaiset ja luontodirektiivin suojelemat kasvilajit, monipuoliset maanpinnan muodot, linturetkeily ja muu virkistyskäyttö, metsästys ja kalastus (www.luontoon.fi). Hailuoto on Perämeren suurin saari, pinta-alaltaan 200 neliökilometriä. Se sijaitsee Oulun edustalla noin 7 km:n päässä mantereesta. Kesäaikana Hailuotoon kuljetaan ½-tunnin välein maksutta liikennöivillä lautoilla. Lauttamatka kestää n. puoli tuntia. Talviaikana lautta liikennöi harvemmin. Marjaniemen kalastajankylän palvelut ja majakka 13 km. Lemmikit (max 3) on sallittu lisämaksusta, maksu on per lemmikki.

Stuga - Semesterhus i Taimen, Finland med bastu (FI5530.637.1)

The holiday villa Taimen is an elegant and modernly equipped vacation spot situated on a beautiful sand beach in Hailuoto. It is situated in the Pöllänlahti bay, surrounded by a few other cabins, yet providing a peaceful and private environment for relaxation. Taimen is an ideal choice for both summer and winter stays. The villa is designed to offer comfort to all visitors, including those using wheelchairs. There is a wheelchair ramp at the front door, allowing easy access to the villa. The interiors are spacious and bright. The living room features large windows offering stunning views of the beach and the sea. The beach is just a short walk away, making it easy to swim, sunbathe, and enjoy the sandy shoreline. The villa has an open kitchen with a sofa bed. There is a double bed in one bedroom, two separate beds in the second bedroom, and a sofa bed in the loft. Please note that the stairs leading to the loft are very steep. There is a sauna, a shower room, and a WC. On the beach, there is a covered terrace. The location of the cabin in the beautiful national landscape of Hailuoto offers opportunities for various outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and fishing. Hailuoto is renowned for its impressive birdwatching opportunities, attracting nature enthusiasts from around the world. A significant part of the island is included in the Natura 2000 program, focusing on biodiversity of bird species and habitats, valuable cultural landscapes, endangered plant species protected under the Habitats Directive, diverse landforms, birdwatching, and recreational activities, as well as hunting and fishing (www.luontoon.fi). Hailuoto is the largest island in the Bothnian Bay, covering an area of 200 km². It is located approximately 7 km off the coast of Oulu. During the summer, ferries operate to Hailuoto every half hour free of charge. The ferry journey takes about half an hour. In the winter, the ferry operates less frequently. The services of Marjaniemi fishing village and the lighthouse are 13 km away.

Stuga - Semesterhus i Meri-villa, Finland med bastu (FI5540.613.1)

20 km to the north from Oulu, in Virpiniemi area, distance to the Bay of Bothnia is 500 m, no own beach, distance to the swimming beach is 800 m along the road, by the walkway distance is 600 m. Log paneled cabin, built in 2020. Living room/kitchen with spreadable sofa, bedroom with double bed, second bedroom with 3 single beds, sauna (“ever ready” electric stove), washroom/WC 2 showers, separate WC and partially covered terrace. Bluetooth stereo, tumble dryer, hair dryer. Baby cot available on request (free of charge). Carport. It is not allowed to bring hot tub to this property. Pets absolutely not allowed. The villa is not available for stag parties and other events. Possibility to charge an electric car (with your own charger), 11kw, the price is 20 cents/kWh, contact the owner. There is an air source heat pump in the villa. It can be used for cooling during summer. There is also a central vacuum cleaner in the house. Meri-Villa is a bright and modern villa near the sea and golf course. Golf greens are within 500-meter distance. There are wide range of activities in the area, Virpihovi and indoor sports facilities and tennis courts 1 km. Horse riding stables and agility track 1 km, also frisbeegolf course and padel outdoor courses. Haukipudas 10 km. The villa is not available for stag parties and other events.