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Phari or Pagri (Tibetan: ཕག་རི, Wylie: phag ri; Chinese: 帕里镇; pinyin: ) is a town in Yadong County in the Tibet Autonomous Region, China near the border with Bhutan. The border can be accessed through a secret road/trail connecting Tsento Gewog in Bhutan (27°41′56″N 89°11′21″E / 27.698912°N 89.189139°E / 27.698912; 89.189139) known as Tremo La. As of 2004 the town had a population of 2,121. It is one of the highest towns in the world, being about 4,300 m (14,100 ft) above sea-level at the head of the Chumbi Valley.

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